Can you think of a home without a roof? Well, no. When you hear the word house, the image that pops in your mind is always four walls and a roof.  Ever since ancient times, people have built themselves shelters to stay protected from harsh elements and weather conditions. The need for a strong and reliable roof still persists, and it will always be there!

Having a roof over your head is not enough. What you need is roofing that is strong, reliable, and efficient at providing you the shelter that you need in every kind of weather, no matter how harsh. To ensure that your roofing stays intact and lasts long enough, you have to take care of its maintenance. To help you take better care of your roof, we have listed down some useful roof maintenance tips.

1. Regular inspection

Your roof may look perfectly okay to you since you don’t know where to look for signs of damage. While the roof may not show any obvious signs of damage, it may be deteriorating from places that aren’t visible to you. Hiring a professional for roof inspection every few months, especially after a spell of harsh weather, is the best thing to do. A professional will know where to look for damages, and therefore, will fix any issues with your roofing that they will come across during their inspection. This is one of the most promising roof maintenance tips that will prolong the lifespan of your roofing.

2. Never Power-Wash Your Roof

You may think that power-washing your will help you get rid of any deep-seated debris and dirt, but that is not the case. Power washing puts your roofing at risk of damage. The pressure that you think will give you a clean roof can actually damage delicate parts of the roofing system. When water is shot at the roof at high pressure, it gets under the tiles and often exacerbates an underlying problem. The next in line in the roof maintenance tips is – don’t power-wash your roof. Always hire a professional who is skilled at roof cleaning and washing.

3. Remove Accumulated Debris

The accumulated debris in the gutters and the roof should be regularly removed. If the gutters are clogged with debris, a number of problems may arise to the shingles and tiles. Also, accumulated debris holds a significant amount of moisture, which can result in the formation of mold. This mold can penetrate deep into the roofing if not treated on time.

4. Trimming Trees

Long, leaning branches of trees constantly hit and scratch the roof, which can cause serious damage to the roof. These leaning branches should be trimmed regularly so that they don’t constantly hit the roof.


The pro roof maintenance tips include getting regular roof inspection, professional leaning, and washing, not allowing the accumulation of debris, and trimming trees regularly. Following these tips will make your roofing last longer!