A well-maintained roof

The roof of your house is highly prone to wear and tear. It is continuously exposed to external factors, regardless of what the weather is like. It withstands wear and tear from rain, snowfall, and storms and hence is bound to get damaged at some point. Getting your rood replaced is very costly, and not everyone can afford it. The average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years. However, certain things can help you extend the lifespan of your roof and keep it intact and functional for years beyond its expected lifespan.

We’ve listed down some tips for you that are going to help you keep your roof in the best shape for longer.

1. Keep Roof Gutters Clean

You may not consider gutters to be an essential part of your roof, but they’re vital. They catch the debris and leaves that fall from surrounding trees but also direct the water off your roof. The accumulated water on the roof can cause severe problems down the road. It affects the integrity of your roofing system and can lead to costly water damages in the future. Therefore, one way to extend the lifespan of your roof is to take care of the gutters and clean them regularly.

2. Get Your Roof Inspected Regularly

Another sure-shot way of extending the lifespan of your roof is to have a professional roofer inspect your roof every few months. While you may not find it necessary, it can really help you keep your roof in fine shape for years to come. A regular professional inspection will bring any minor issues in light on time for you to get them fixed. If these issues go unnoticed, they can aggravate and lead to costly damages in the future. When the required repairs are done on time, your roof will stay intact for many years.

3. Trim the Surrounding Trees Regularly

How often do you trim the trees around your house? Overgrown trees brush against your roof and cause the shingles to come loose. Loose shingles are easily blown off with rain or strong winds. Damaged and missing shingles are the most common roof damages that make homeowners opt for full roof replacement. However, you can extend the lifespan of your roof by trimming the trees regularly, so they don’t brush against your roof.

4. Avoid Snow Build Up

Many people wait for the snow on their roofs to melt on its own without realizing that snow can put excessive weight and stress on the roof. One way you can surely increase the lifespan of your roof is by ensuring that you remove all the excess snow from your roof and not allow it to sit for weeks.


The roof is one of the most valuable and important components of your house. While you can’t make it last forever, you can surely take steps to extend its lifespan. Having a professional roofer inspect your roof every few months is a wise thing to do!