With the arrival of the biting cold winter comes the responsibility of taking extra precautions to avoid suffering at the hands of the unforgivable season. Not only are you required to keep yourself warm and cozy but you also have to ensure that your home is safe and comfy during the relentless season.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about how to care for your roof during winters to keep your home atmosphere safe and sound during the harshest of season.

1.      Do Not Let the Snow Sit On the Roof for Long

While snow on the rooftop looks postcard-perfect, it can be devastating if it isn’t removed in time. When snow is left to sit on the rooftop for long, it puts a lot of weight on the roof. This means, if your roof isn’t strong or well-protected, it may break.

Another problem that may arise due to accumulated snow is that it may give rise to roof leakage as soon as the snow melts. Therefore, it’s best to remove all the ice and snow from the roof as soon as possible.

2.      Check Your Attic Has Proper Ventilation

You may not know this, but the condition of your attic is connected to the performance of your roof. How? If your attic is poorly insulated, your roof will be exposed to harsh winter elements such as the buildup of ice dams. Given this, when inspecting your roof, make it a point to go inside your attic and check it for sufficient ventilation. Having a consistent airflow helps your roof to stay as protected as needed.

3.      Look for Wind Damage

Even though ice and snow are two major problems during the winter season, you shouldn’t undermine the power of wind either. If you live in an area that receives strong gushes of wind, you should definitely inspect your roof for the signs of wind damage – broken shingles, missing roof elements, etc. Fix these issues at your earliest as to avoid bigger problems in the long run.

4.      Remove All Debris

Before the winter rain or snow rolls in, ensure your roof, as well as the surrounding components such as gutters and downspouts, are free of debris – leaves, twigs, plastic, and so on. This is important because it prevents moisture, which presents itself through snow and rain, to become sticky on your roof.

Follow these four steps for your cold weather roof care guide. You can also hire a professional inspector to help you with your roof maintenance tasks. Consider Arizona Roofing Company to fulfill your local Arizona roofing needs. Call us at 480-526-9455 to hire us today!