The average lifespan of a flat roof is 10 to 20 years if it’s taken care of well. Without proper care and maintenance, a flat roof might not last past the 10-year mark. A flat roof may pose a greater number of challenges for the homeowners as compared to the more common, sloped roofs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your flat roof and make it last beyond its years.

If you’re looking for some solid tips to keep your flat roof looking great, you’ve landed yourself in the right place. We’ve listed down some flat roof maintenance tips that we can swear by. Let’s get to the point right away.

Get It Inspected Regularly

It’s recommended that you get your flat roof inspected by a professional at least thrice a year. One reason why flat roofs don’t last as long as they should is that homeowners neglect to get its regular inspection. A flat roof must be inspected regularly, especially after rainfall and snowfall, and more so if trees are surrounding the house. It would be best if you kept an eye out for pools of water, holes, blisters, and soft areas. Problems like these must be addressed right away. If they get exacerbated, they might worsen to become irreparable.

Clean It Regularly

Debris like fallen leaves and branches may get accumulated on a flat roof more than it does on a sloped roof. This makes regular cleaning of a flat roof more important. Accumulated debris not only affects the appearance of a roof but may also absorb water or moisture and lead to water-related roof damage. Therefore, one of the most important flat roof maintenance tips to keep your flat roof intact and strong for longer is to make sure to clean it on a regular basis.

Deal with Cracks Immediately

If you observe any cracks on your flat roof, you need to deal with them immediately. Cracks can pave the way for moisture and water and lead to extensive water damage, which not only is difficult to get repaired but sometimes impossible. If cracks aren’t dealt with soon, you might have to get your entire roof replaced, which is going to cost you a lot more than simple repair work.

Avoid Putting Excessive Weight

You can keep your flat roof in top shape for many years to come to avoid putting excessive weight on the roof. Good quality roofs won’t collapse under the weight, but if a flat roof is already aged, putting too much weight on the roof may not turn out in the best of your favor. Following this flat roof maintenance tip will help you save money that would otherwise go into getting a new roof from scratch.


Flat roof maintenance is more challenging because, unlike slanted roofs, water, snow, and debris, don’t slip off and stays for as long as you don’t get rid of them. As a result, flat roofs are more prone to getting damaged and giving way before the average lifespan. Getting a professional roofer to inspect and repair your flat roof periodically so as to avoid any costly damages is a smart way to go about flat roof maintenance.