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When you are paying to get a new roof installed, you should also focus on making sure the roof is as stylish as possible. While it also needs to be durable, the color can set the tone for your house in terms of curb appeal. Shingle roofs in Arizona come in a huge variety of colors that you can choose according to your personal aesthetic and needs.

How to Choose the Perfect Color for Shingle Roofs in Arizona?

A lot of factors are involved when you are sitting down to choose the perfect color for your new shingle roof in Arizona. You should take into account factors like the current exterior’s color, the style of the home, and the heat. Arizona is quite hot, so the roof should definitely absorb or reflect the heat as needed.

Dark vs. Light Colors

The color you choose, dark or light, impacts the internal temperature and energy efficiency of the home. The roof receives the radiant heat of the sun the most and is your first shield against the UV rays. In Arizona, with so much heat, it can be a good idea to get a light colored roof since it can reflect the heat away from the house. It keeps the rooms below the roof cooler during the summer months. To maintain a comfortable internal temperature, your air-conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard too.

Darker colors start to absorb the heat that can increase the indoor temperature of the home. Hence, HVAC systems need to exert more energy to cool the home, which can mean higher energy costs. However, dark colors do fascinate some people more when it comes to house designs. During winters, they do absorb heat to help keep the winters more comfortable. You can also use the right roof sealants, hardware, and materials to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

The Style of the Home

You need to make sure to take into account the overall style of your home. It won’t make sense to get a modern-looking shingle roof if your home has a traditional South feel to it. A modern, sleek home will also clash with the modest brown colored shingles.

Coordinate the Colors

The paint job on your home is important when you are deciding on the color of the shingle roof. Experts of shingle roofs in Arizona recommend that white shingles go with pretty much any home color. Cream or taupe colored houses can look great with green, blue, gray, black, or brown shingles.

The Arizona Roofing Company offers all sorts of roofing options that you can take advantage of. They can inspect the home for you and recommend the best color for your home. Since shingles are quite versatile, they can go with most home designs.