Skylights can be an exquisite addition to your home when installed correctly.  You know why? Because skylights bring extra natural light that can really expand the interior spaces, shove off the winter blues, and lower your utility bills.  Moreover, during the winter season, homeowners can feel comfortable in the warmth that skylights provide.

But something that you should give a thought to is the fact that skylights are prone to developing leaks, especially during the wet and cold season. In fact, skylight leak repairs are done more frequently than any roof leak repair when it comes to residential roofing.

Skylight leaks in Chandler, AZ can be really expensive to fix and can bring great damage to the roof, drywall, carpet, and flooring.  A skylight with leak can indicate more hidden and serious damages.

So it is better to take the necessary precautions to maintain skylight and manage leaks.

What Makes the Skylights Leak?

Winter skylight leaks can occur because of a variety of reasons:

  • Missing or damaged flashing
  • Condensation problems because of too much humidity
  • Roof damage as a result of which water seeps into the house through the skylight
  • Lack of winter roof maintenance

What to Do to Prevent Winter Skylight Leaks?

Daily Inspections

When you have your roof inspected regularly, you are sure to know any sign of damages before they actually take a toll on your roof. When you take care of your roof, you can avoid several types of damages to the gutters, shingles, and other parts.  A roofing inspector will check the flashings for cracks, holes, deterioration, and other signs of damage. The expert should also look at the inside of the house for issues that might later cause problems.

In fact, it is best to time your roof inspection. Have it done before the onset of the winter season so that you can make sure your house is ready for the wet and cold winter months.

Enough Ventilation

The level of humidity is also a factor in determining the likelihood of winter skylight leaks in Chandler, AZ,

The highest floor of your home would have the most humidity level. If you sense humidity in the air, it could be the result of condensation on the skylight glass.  Prevent condensation by having your roof inspected by an expert.

Roofing Maintenance

Take all necessary steps to prevent skylight leaks in Chandler, AZ, especially during the winter season. Why? Because of the dangers of ice dams that can be really bad for your attic and roof. You have to clear your roof of snow as fast as possible after a storm. When you clear the snow as quickly as possible, you don’t give time to the precipitation to melt and settle on your roof creating icedams.  Drainage can become blocked because of icedams and moisture can seek into the house through the skylight and the roof.


Because of all the reasons above, it is highly important to prevent skylight leaks in Chandler, AZ. A well-maintained skyline improves your home’s aesthetic appeal and keeps it safe from various issues.