remove ice dams

As winters are here, you can expect several inches of snow in Arizona. This snow accumulates on your roof, creates icicles, and looks very beautiful. But it’s all a hoax and shouldn’t be left untouched. The snow on your roof can damage it and result in re-roofing or costly repairs. Thus, it is very important to remove ice dams before they result in serious damages.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove ice dams from Arizona roofs in 5 simple ways. Let’s get started!

Causes and Risks

When snow falls, it accumulates on your roof sides and gutters, blocking the drainage system, and that’s why it is important to remove ice dams from Arizona roofs. This is caused by poor roof ventilation and attic insulation. Since there is nowhere for the energy to release, it ends up melting the accumulated snow, which re-melts as the energy is low and turns into ice dams and icicles and prevents the water from draining.

Ice dams can result in broken shingles, damaged roofs, bald spots, leakage, and internal structural damage.

5 Tips to Remove Ice Dams from Arizona Roofs


The best option to remove ice dams from Arizona roofs is by using ice-melting chemicals. These chemicals are easily available in the hardware store. Go for products that have ammonium sulfate or calcium magnesium acetate. They are a little expensive, but they work really well and do not damage your roofs like other cheap ice-melting chemicals available such as sodium and calcium chloride.

Snow Rake

The simplest method to remove ice dams on Arizona roofs is by using a snow rake. Stand on the ground, and inspect the areas with the heaviest accumulation of snow, and use a snow rake to remove the snow. This could be dangerous, so instead, call roofing professionals in Arizona to get the job done.

Heated Cables

Another option to prevent ice dams is to install heated cables on your roof. Heated cables are electric cables installed in a zigzag style on uninsulated areas of the roof. They prevent ice dams by giving the water an outlet to drain from. They raise the temperature on your roof from the outside rather than the inside.

Warm Water

Another DIY method to remove ice dams requires using warm water. This is ideal if the snow accumulation is caught early. Use a spray bottle and spray warm water on your roof. This will help melt the ice dams and re-open the drainage system for water to drain away and not form icicles.

Consult an Expert

Ice dams are dangerous for your roof and can result in lasting damage if not taken care of. But instead of taking it upon yourself to remove ice dams, consult roofing professionals in Chandler, Arizona. They can inspect your roof and offer the best possible solution with minimal damage.

Now that you know how to remove ice dams from Arizona roofs, you can try the simple tips at home. These methods might remove the immediate threat, but they are not a permanent solution. Thus, always consult roofing professionals in Arizona before taking matters into your hand.