Foam roof

Foam roofing or the SPF Roofing (Spray Polyurethane Foam) has been around for less than a decade but has managed to catch reasonable attention in a short span of time and for all the right reasons. There are numerous benefits of foam roofing that account for its popularity today.

Getting a new roof for your house is a massive financial leap. You shouldn’t jump into making the decision. Your roof will stay with you for years to come, and therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on it. If you’re planning to get the SPF roof for your house, we suggest you first do your research and only then make up your mind.

To help you, we’ve listed down some important things that you should know before getting foam roofing for your home.

Check if the Contractor has Relevant Experience

Installing an SPF roof requires technical skill and adequate experience. Not everyone can work on an SPF roof. Even if a roofing contractor has several years of experience working on regular roofs to back them up, it’s not enough. Relevant experience in installing SPF roofs is what matters. If the roof is not installed properly, you’ll miss out on all the benefits that you’re getting the SPF roof for. So, general roof work experience isn’t what you must look for but specific experience with SPF roofs.

Weather Can Affect the Installation

This is something not many people know. The weather during which the SPF roof is installed can affect its efficiency. If you install the SPF roof when the weather is very moist or damp, or there’s ice or frost, the SPF won’t stick to the surface. Extreme weather conditions can also cause inter-laminar blistering of the foam. If the weather is too windy, there’s a risk of over-spraying. So, make sure you’re getting the SPF roof installed when the weather is just right- warm, dry, and not windy.

Be Prepared for Strong Odors

Before you decide to get foam roofing installed, know that strong odors follow it. The smell of the foam and the foam itself does no harm, but it’s the strong smell that comes with the curing process. The curing of foam roofing takes quite a lot of time, and during that phase, it gives off a strong smell. If you can’t stand unpleasant odors, an SPF roof isn’t the best option for you.

Take Measures to Protect Surroundings from the Foam

The foam that’s used in the SPF roofing is extremely light in weight. Even the slightest gust of wind will have it spreading all around. The foam will stick to any surface it comes in contact with, and removing it can be very time-consuming. So, you need to be prepared for some mess, if not too much. Although the contractors will have foam overspray protection set up in place, there’s always a chance of the spray escaping the defenses.


Installing an SPF roof is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature and cut down on energy costs. Apart from this, there are plenty of benefits that SPF roofing is associated with. However, to save yourself from any surprises later, do your research and then decide if this is what you want. Hire the right roofing contractor to do the job and enjoy the plethora of benefits that come with it!