Flat Roof of a House

Over a decade or so, flat roofs have become prevalent. They are more affordable, appealing, and most importantly, durable. While flat roofs boast many advantages, it’s no secret that they are high-maintenance. Flat roofs are easy to install but difficult to maintain. When not maintained properly, they may display a bunch of common roof problems, which we have listed below:

1.    Standing Water

One of the biggest cons of flat roofs is pooling water. Contrary to its name, a flat roof is not really flat. The roofs are designed with a slight slope that allows water to run off through pipes. However, this is not always the case because rushing water filled with debris often blocks the pipes and gutters, causing a puddle. Regularly check for clogged up pipes and drainage areas. They should be clear of unwanted material. Look for structural issues as well, such as improperly installed joists, beams, or frames.

2.    Broken Flashing

By flashing, we mean metal strips that are installed where a roof connects with another surface. Flashing is important because it stops water from entering your roof and causing leakages. Considering its structural significance in view, looking after flashing is highly recommended.

Maintaining flashing is also so important because it easily gets damaged due to wind, rainfall, or debris. Along with ponding water, a broken flashing may cause your flat roof to leak. Water may creep into your house and wreak havoc. Therefore, it’s essential to check for damaged/broken flashing daily and call for professional roofing service immediately!

3.    Blisters

Blistering is often a result of pooling water. When pockets of water stand on your roof for a long time, they start to damage your roof’s membrane. A lot of air and moisture trap into the several layers of your roof and stretch your roof’s membrane beyond its capability. In the worst scenario, these blisters become tiresome. They expand, swell, and double up, causing a severe need for a roof repair.

Upon the first sight of blisters, do not hesitate to hire emergency services of a reliable roofing company near you.

4.    Buckle and Break Up

A flat roof comprises a single membrane that stretches along to keep all parts together. However, roofing problems can weaken the membrane, causing it to buckle and sag eventually. Your entire roof may break apart if nothing is done to depreciate the damage. The best solution for this one is to install a new roof with an entirely new membrane.

If you’re facing any of the common flat roof problems, contact a professional at your earliest. The good thing is most of the flat roof issues can be easily fixed before they turn into serious problems.