Water damage to a roofing system is the worst kind of damage – not because it can’t be repaired, but because by the time it is detected, the damage is already beyond repair. Water damage is like a silent killer for a roofing system, which makes it all more important to detect it during the early stages when it can still be repaired.

You can’t tell if your roof has been damaged by water during stages unless you’re very observant. Most homeowners fail to detect it, though. If you’re concerned about your roof’s integrity and want to know what signs can help you detect water damage when it’s still in its early stages, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading ahead.

1. Water Spots on Your Home’s Ceiling

One of the many signs of water damage in a roofing system is the appearance of water spots in your home’s ceiling. Water spots on the ceiling are an indication that there is a leak somewhere on your roof. While major leaks are easy to detect, minor leaks are difficult to detect. It is because minor leaks result in water to migrate far from the origin and appear somewhere else. Hence, finding the exact spot from where the leak initiated becomes challenging. If you detect any wet spots on the ceiling, no matter how small, get a roofing professional to check your roof for water damage.

2. Water Spots on Exterior Walls

If you see any water spots on the exterior walls of your house, it indicates that the step flashing has been damaged. Step flashing is the junction where the wall meets the roof. It can become loose over time. As a result, rainwater escapes and forms wet spots on the walls. You can replace the step flashing to fix the problem, but only a roofing professional can pull the job off well.

3. Cracked and Blistered Shingles

Shingles form an integral part of a roof’s structure. They are the primary part of the roof that are exposed to sunlight, rainfall, snow, and wind. These environmental factors result in blistering and cracking of the shingles. Once that happens, the shingles fall off, exposing your roof foundation to damaging factors, such as water. If you observe any missing shingles, have a roofing professional come and fix the issue right away!

4. Granules in Gutters

Gutters are a very vital part of any roofing system. They ensure that any water on the roof flows out. Strong winds, rain, or snow may cause the shingles to get scraped off the roof and fall into the gutters. If you observe any granules in your gutters, you need to call a roofing professional right away because it’s not a good sign. It means that some parts of your roofing system are now exposed to water, and if not fixed, water damage to the roofing system is inevitable.


Although water damage in a roofing system is a serious problem, it is possible to prevent it or keep it from getting worse. Keeping an eye out for any signs of water damage in a roofing system can help you save big on roof repairs and replacements. Professional roof inspections every few months is a wise thing to do!