Why shouldn’t you delay repairing your damaged roof

Your roof protects you from the elements. It keeps you cool during harsh summers and dry in rainy and snowy weather. Having to put up with so much means your roof will eventually start to show signs of damage.While roof repair is important, these projects are often put off and ignored because they cannot be handled by a layman and are expensive. Also, calling experts from your local roofing company seems like a bit of a hassle.

It is essential to remember that replacement is way costlier than repair, so you should not keep putting off maintaining and repairing your roof. Doing so means you risk letting the damages expand and repair costs increase.

Why Shouldn’t You Delay Your Roof Repair Project?

Here is a list of reasons why you need to prioritize roof repair:

1. Effect on Property Value

Potential homebuyers always look out for the condition of the roof of the property they’re interested in. If you plan on selling your house a few years down the line, you will need to take a keen interest in the upkeep of your roof. An unkempt or damaged roof will be apparent to the buyers, and they:

  1. a) won’t be interested in making that deal
  2. b) will quote you a price less than your property’s worth.

A roof that doesn’t require much maintenance after-sale gives you the freedom to set a reasonable asking price.

2. Delay = Increased Cost of Repairs

Repairing your roof shouldn’t only be considered if you plan to sell the place. Your house is your safe haven, and if you don’t repair the damage at the first sign of trouble, they’ll worsen with time. A lost shingle, for example, will cost peanuts to repair compared to the trouble it causes when left untreated long enough to turn into a leak which might require complete roof replacement.

Remember, minor issues have minor costs!

3. Effect on Insurance

When you file an insurance claim for your repair projects, surveyors are always able to tell if you delayed the maintenance, causing the damage to worsen. In that case, you’ll only be compensated for a basic repair job. Calling a repair service when you first notice the damage can help you claim the overall cost of the repair. It’s better to have your homeowner’s insurance policy pay for the repairs than having to bear most of the expenses due to neglect.

4. Effect on Air Quality

Roof damages, especially leaks, can allow water and humidity to find their way into your home and cause mold to start growing in hidden spaces. Breathing moldy air is harmful for the human body. Mold removal is a costly and time-consuming task that can be prevented by making a simple repair or patching a hole in the roof.


Leaving a damaged roof unattended can invite a whole host of other problems to follow. The charges can add up pretty quickly if you’re not paying attention. Stay ahead of your roofing troubles and contact your local roofing company for a free quote.