Packing for your big move? While you’re at it, the biggest dilemma you probably confront is what to pack and what not to pack. If you’ve got a knack for hoarding, you may be tempted to bring every possible item into your new house. But by acting upon your impulse, you will actually be creating a breeding ground for clutter; and that’s no way to create fresh, exciting vibes in your new space!

Below is the list of items you should do away with when moving:

1.    Expired Products

There’s no point in using items that have passed their expiration date, right? Unless you have a death wish, because expired products are risky and harmful. Many products come with an expiration date, such as medicines, makeup, spices, condiments, and many more. Regardless of how much you love these products, once they have exceeded their expiry date, part ways with them.

When packing, go through each product’s label, and if it has reached or crossed its expiry date, do yourself a favor, and throw them away.

2.    Old or Rarely Worn Clothing

Decluttering your wardrobe requires a lot of self-control. Because each piece of clothing seems important to you – if not today, then perhaps it will come in handy at some point. A mindset like this often stops you from getting rid of any clothes at all.

Start by first removing clothes that no longer fit you. Next, do away with clothes that are out of trend or are too old to be worn again. You can donate these unwanted clothes to charity. 

3.    Old Magazines, Newspapers, or Books

Unless they are part of your memorabilia or you will use them for arts and crafts, it may be time to get rid of these paper items. The best way to go about it is by donating them to a local library or giving them to someone who wants to recycle them.

4.    Borrowed Items

You probably have borrowed something from your friend at some point and forgot to return them (it’s okay, we have all been there). This could be anything – a book, phone charger, etc. Do not take these items with you to your new home. Instead, stick them in a “return box” and make sure to send them to their rightful owner before you move.

5.    Foodstuff

No need to pack perishables like eggs, meat, milk, and the likes. Consider feeding them to the poor or animals. If you’re moving to another city/country, give away your fruit/vegetable/flower plants, too.

We hope you’re clear on the things you should not pack when moving. If you’re looking for the best moving company that can help you with “the move,” click here!