Reasons for roof leaks

If you haven’t done up your roof in a while (a few years, at least), it may have many areas that are prone to leaking. If you don’t take care of your roof properly, it can damage the structure of your home as well as your interior. Water damage can be really expensive to deal with, so you should be doing everything in your capacity to avoid it. Learning about the reasons for roof leaks can be a good start. Let’s start.

1. Age of the Roof

Traditional roofing materials already don’t have a huge lifespan. The roofing materials that have been used for the roof also have a huge impact on the lifespan. There are new materials that have better longevity that you should be looking for. If your roof is past its maximum lifespan, start thinking about installing a new one.

2. Temperature Changes

Asphalt and concrete are often impacted by humidity and temperature changes. Asphalt even becomes harder and brittle as it ages; this makes it prone to splits and cracks when water penetrates the surface.

3. Movement of the Materials

Some roofing materials can expand or contract as the temperature changes. Some traditional materials don’t have a membrane system that can accommodate how materials expand or contract when the weather and humidity change. There are modern materials that accommodate the heat and humidity changes.

4. Blisters

When the water beings to enter the roofing structure, it can trap in the air and moisture within the roofing surface. As the weather turns hotter, it can turn the water into condensation that causes blisters in the roof.

5. Delamination

Delamination is when the roof’s layers separate, meaning that there isn’t a connection in the layers. This happens when there is condensation in the membrane layers. It increases the risk of water damage because it allows water to get through more and more. The water damage can be so expensive in the future too since the house structure will need repairs.

6. Poor Designs

During a new roof installation, the professionals will need to design every level of the roof in a way that lasts you for a long, long time. The roofing specialists will plan out a design for the roof that can ensure no leaks occur and that it fares well under harsh weather too. If there is even one mistake, it can be costly for you in the future. For example, without proper falls, water can form pools on the roof which causes structural damage.

Arizona Roofing can offer you accredited and trained contractors that can completely transform your roof. They have the experience and skill that can ensure a long lifespan for your roof, or else it can cost you a lot of money to keep repairing and maintaining it. We use the best equipment, technology, and materials to prevent leaks and damage to the roof.