shingle roofing vs tile roofing

Getting a new roof installation or a roof replacement can at times put you in a tricky situation as far as the selection of roof type is concerned. There are several factors that need to be kept into consideration why zeroing down your roof type. If you are perplexed about choosing between shingle roofing and tile roofing, you must consider the following factors to finalize your choice –


  • COST FACTOR – If you are stuck to choose between shingle roofs and tile roofs, you must bring in your budget to help you come out of this confusion. Tile roofs are relatively expensive than shingle roofs. Tile roofs can cost you almost double the price of shingle roofs. Nonetheless, tile roofs also last much longer than shingle roofs as they prove to be more durable. Tile roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions like winds and heavy rains unlike shingle roofs that can get easily get damaged. So if cost efficiency is what you are looking for, you must opt for shingle roofs. But if you prefer a roof type that can withstand the test of time, you must go for tile roofs for your home.


  • CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – Climate is another crucial factor that can help you choose between shingle and tile roofs for your house. Shingle roofs perform well in moderate climates. But if you live in areas with heavy snow-fall, then you must opt for tile shingles.


  • ROOF CAPACITY – Before getting a tile roofing you will need to get your roof inspected to check if it can carry the weight of heavy tiles. Therefore, the capacity of your roof to carry weight is another factor that can help you determine your roofing material choice. So keep these factors in mind while choosing between shingle and tile roofs.